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Trond Myklebust

Trond graduated from the University of Leeds in 1990 with a BSc in Physics, followed by an MSc in theoretical particle physics from Imperial College in 1991. While working on a PhD in experimental particle physics at the University of Oslo, he developed a fascination for a new operating system called Linux, which he found to be really useful for replacing the Physics group’s aging X-terminals with cheap PC clones.

In 1997, a mistake(?) by Linux maintainer Alan Cox lead to Trond’s patch offering to maintain some NFS client work in Alan’s tree being pushed to Linus Torvalds’ master source, and since that day, Trond has been the official NFS client maintainer for Linux. During this time, the NFS client has morphed from supporting NFSv2, UDP and 4k block read/write size only, into a modern NFS client that supports NFSv2, NFSv3, and NFSv4, including some basic NFSv4.2 features, as well as pNFS.

For most of his period as Linux maintainer, Trond was supported by NetApp, which sponsored him as a consultant from 2001-2004, before offering a him full time job in 2004. He is now employed by Primary Data, having joined in December 2013.

Trond lives in Ann Arbor, in Michigan with his wife, Laura, and daughter Maeve. During his free time, Trond likes to head up to the cottage on Lake Huron to indulge his hobbies of wind surfing, kayaking, and (in the winter) cross country skiing.